Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nonny and Grandad

Whilst driving to the hotel last night I spotted Lustleigh on the map - this is where my 'Nonny and Grandad' used to live. Feeling nostalgic I turned off and went for a visit. I don't think I have been here for 10 years or more and it was the most perculiar feeling turing ever corner to a scene you had long forgotten but were totally familiar with. Whilst there I walked thorugh the park I spent days playing in, visited their old house and even popped into the local pub where they are still remembered. I stumbled accross the bench that Grandad put up when Nonny died - just next to the stream I spent hours fishing in. I also found their grave in the churchyard where my parent were married and (I think) I was baptised. A slightly emotional but totally rewarding experience. It is nice to remember them...

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