Monday, September 17, 2007

Busy Weekend

K and I had quite a busy weekend...

On Sat morning I went and drove the new Smart For2 (I couldn't resist). It is *much* improved over the last one and could be a serious contender for my next car.

Sat afternoon we headed into town to the Oriental Club - - where T&H were having a UK reception for their recent wedding. Pimms and sammiches all round! Congratulations guys.

On Sunday we were good and gym'd in the morning followed by a not-so-good lunch at A's with J. Nothing like a roast lunch made for you ;)

In the afternoon we moved the TIKI bar inside to its new home in the Embassy. We fgured this would allow all-year-round access and make more use of the Embassy than is curent. We had a few drinks with S,J and A to christen this move :)

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