Friday, October 05, 2007

Mortgage completed (at last)

Our remortgage has *just* completed after a very painful experience. Everything was going so well until the start of this week. It was meant to complete on Mon but the solicitors forgot something (they say the bank changed a process but I am not sure) so I had to sign and post another form. It then took until today to get them to complete it despite me calling every day! Due to the late start I ran into the non-discounted part of my old mortgage meaning a HUGE payment (nearly twice normal) on the first of the month. Add that to the lost interest due to this overrun and the up-front payment on the new mortgage and I am VERY VERY VERY poor this month and not at all happy.... This was further exagerated when it turns out that the bank has the wrong account number to take the DD from and cannot seem to find a way to change it (despite having me on hold for over 20 mins). I have to call back on Mon. GRRRRRR. HUFF!!!!!

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