Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pinhole Camera

A presented me with my Xmas present last night - a pinhole camera kit. The P-SHARAN takes 35mm film, boasts 1 to 2 hours construction time and seems very well constructed. As J and A also got these a challenge was set. To firstly build the camera, then figure out what 35mm film is and how to use it and then finally present a collection of 10 photos each to be judged by the Village People (maybe the world - flickr). In the 10 there must be at least one long exposure (night shot), one indoor shot and one outside shot. I think this could be fun!


Steve said...


As official Tiki photographer :-) I should also point out that you can get a pinhole connection for your Canon camera!!

Yes, you can bring your camera to the prehistoric ages!

Richie-Rich said...

Hmmm - with a cardboard DIY kit it is forgivable. However, to pay money to degrade my wonderful 40D - not so sure about that ;)