Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rasmus - escapes surgery...

The b****y cat. He was due in today for neutering. We kept him in overnight and removed all food. This morning we let him out to pee and he came straight back thinking it was breakfast time. All good so far. Anyway - we were not going to give him breakfast and it was too early to go to the vets so we mulled around tidying. I went outside and he followed which was fine because at this point he was just after food and we figured he'll stick around. However, after 5 mins he got bored meowing for food and bolted into next door's garden and would not come back. Even teh magic food whistle was not working. 15 mins later he returned but at this point we could not guarantee he had not eaten anything..... So, we had to cancel the vet visist. A lucky escape... ...for now!!!

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