Friday, February 08, 2008

Helpdesk system

I wonder if anyone can help - I am looking for a good open source 'helpdesk' system. It must be able to assign and track calls to staff, notify via email and have a web front end. MSSQL or MySQL preferable. I've seen a few such as OSTicket and Eventum but am wondering what else is out there...


Chris Keene said...

We use RT

Takes a bit to setup (which I didn't do) but good at assigning tickets, and each queue can be set up differently (ie email sender a confirmation, email these people, cc a manager etc, up to you)

PS Hello!

Bill said...

In our company we use BridgeTrak for Help Desks.
From the several helpdesk solutions I had a chance to try this one showed the best results in usability and customizability for any environment.
For example, when you buy a license you get windows based and web based versions simultaneously and you can switch between platforms as needed.
Bridgetrak includes quite powerful ticket tracking with autoescalating feature - it automatically notifies all the persons involved with the issue (the feature you were looking for, if i'm not wrong)