Friday, February 01, 2008


Having constructed a cardboard pinhole camera I thought - why not create a 12MPix one. So, using elastic bands I strapped the front of the pinhole camera over the 40D. Results are less than fantastic... neeed more light I think.


Steve said...


This is about as good as you'll get. With your sensor size (what is it 10 megapixel?? and a 24mm sensor?) you have a very small cell, probably 7microns or the like.

Now, your pinhole compared to the aperture is quite small... say F200!!

Now go here:

... you'll basically see that the sharpest detail that tiny, tiny aperture produces probably spills over 100-1000 pixels... in effect, reducing your 10 megapixel camera's resolution by... 100 to 1000 times worse!!

Fun though :-)

Richie-Rich said...

OK - makes more sense now. Was wondering if I light something really strongly weather I'd get a better image, but probably not. Which Steve is this btw?