Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Coffee coffee coffee

I like coffee - not just like - I like coffee A LOT. So, it has surprised me that it has taken me this long to buy an espresso machine. We had a half-hearted attempt for some time but it was never quite right. So, this lunchtime I went out and got a proper one. The De 'Longhi EC300S is a pump driven machine with removable water container, single or double sized filter, steam pump with seperate thermostat and best of all can take either pods or freshly ground beans. It is a nice shape and easy to clean - hopefully K won't mind it in the kitchen (she has yet to realise we own it). Just made my first espresso with it and it seems great - only small problem is the noise and vibration it makes!!

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Al said...

Mmmm...fresh coffee. I miss my old machine and was tempted to buy a new one recently but don't really have the space for more luxuries!