Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Egypt (11) - Oops, I did it again!

I'm not entirely sure how it all happened. We had got up late and gone to the beach right after breakfast. I had gone snorkeling twice with my camera and sat on the beach reading for the rest of the time. It was early afternoon and we decided to go for lunch. I was about to step over a low wall when my flip-flop caught and I tripped. With my hands full of cameras, etc my leg hit first along the sharp corner of the stone wall-top. It sliced it clean to the bone for 3 inches of my shin. At first it didn't hurt - I was surprised by the amount of blood. "Think I might need a plaster", I said to K. She scooted off for one whilst I found some shade to stand in - crikey it was getting hot. Soon enough K and a member of beach staff came running round with the medical box. He took one look and started with iodine and Cotton wool. Now it was really hot and it was starting to hurt. I thought I'd sit down - take the pressure off my leg.

"...Rich...Rich, are you awake....", annoyed I opened my eyes. I had been dreaming about the book I was reading, having a nice sleep. Reality dawned - I wasn't on the sun lounger, I hadn't dosed off - I'd passed out! Crikey - I hadn't expected that. Within seconds a buggy arrived and within minutes I was in the medical centre. The wound did not look nice at all. The doctor was pleasant and whilst I waited gave me local anaesthetic and put 4 neat stitches in my leg - it stung (picture). With a bag of meds and dressings we left an hour later. No problems - except no swimming for me. We ate lunch and then slept most of the afternoon. K hung out by the pool. Too much excitement for one day!

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