Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Egypt (12) - We miss Sharm

We awoke at 05:00 - an early flight today. I hobbled with K to reception were we got a breakfast box and awaited our transfer. The flight was on time and short (40 mins). Before we knew it we were in the hustle and bustle of Cairo. The city smelt funny, a smog covered most of it. It was very humid. Our transfer to the hotel, Le Meridien Pyramids, would take 45 mins - quicker than usual as Friday is the equivalent weekend here. En route we passed the famous mosque at the citadel and the President's residence.

The hotel was....well, not as nice as we thought. An Irish couple on the boat said that it was the best hotel they had ever stayed at - I wonder if they meant another Le Meridien Pyramids???! Anyway, only here for 2.5 days and only really interested in the pyramids and museum. The place had a pool (half a pool, the other half was in a construction site) so we hung out there reading and relaxing. Enjoying our last few days of sun.

The reason we chose this hotel was the Pyramids. From our room and the pool you could see them and they were HUGE. On our way from the hotel we had booked a private guide for the next day - we were looking forward to it.

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