Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Egypt (3) - A door hit me!

Today we go to Edfu - one of the best preserved temples alive today. Our bus collected us and drove us the short distance to the temple. Upon arrival we ran the gauntlet of the local shops trying to sell you everything you don't need. Edfu is mind blowing - it gives you a real idea of how these things would have looked - huge! It is actually a grecco-roman temple but was constructed in the same style as the Egyptian ones. Its carvings are still sharp and in places even the original colour exists. Unusual for these old temples the entire hypostyle hall is intact after the 27BC earthquake that toppled so many. At the very back there is the inner sanctum with a small statue taking pride of place - this part was so busy it took me 5 mins to queue and get a photo. Lots of Spanish and Italians on holiday here.

After Edfu we made our way back to the boat before sailing south once more. We stopped mid afternoon at Kom Ombo where the Spanish (who we found out would not be returning with us went ashore to look). We lazed on the top deck watching the Nile around us. Whilst K was in the sun I went to the shop and looked at some jewelry. Finding something I liked I agreed a price and then went to get my wallet - as I turned I caught the glass cabinet door and smashed it right off - oops. The owner was very apologetic and as such I did buy the rather expensive piece to try and make it up a little. Mid-afternoon we were invited on a ships tour as we headed south again towards Aswan. We were shown the bridge and the kitchens were they took a lot of time to tell us how careful they were with the food preparation and how it was externally audited by Chrystal - good to know.

We moored up in Aswan by evening but no rest for us - tonight was 'dress like and Egyptian' night. We all donned galabeyas and had Egyptian food. Afterwards there was dancing and merriment until the wee hours - my 'Egyptian football' is as bad as my English!

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