Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bike Insurance

I have sorted bike insurance with ETA (link in title). This has proven difficult. The bike is kept in my locked shed, but as it is of wooden construction many insurers would only insure it if the bike was attached to an immovable object via an approved lock. The lock was not a problem but the object was - most stipulated it must be rooted in either concrete or stone and not un-doable. This rules out any attachment I can bolt into the wooden shed. ETA came to the rescue. As long as the bike is out of sight and behind a locked (any lock) door then it is insured as theft would involve forced entry. When away from home the lock (an Abus Granit Steel-o-flex 1000 - came today) is all that is needed. Awesome...

PS - it also comes with free cycle-breakdown cover to get me home in the event of a mechanical failure :) AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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