Monday, September 01, 2008

New clothes....

J and I went shopping tonight to Evans. I wanted a set of full-finger gloves and maybe a new top. In the end I got both and a gortex jacket.

The gloves - Specialzed BG Ridge - are very light and breathable and have a pad on your wrist which is perfectly positioned for where you rest your hands on the handlebar. They have a suede palms and nice grippy fingers.

The fox jersey is AWESOME! It has an inner shell which is tight and sucks the sweat from you. The outer shell is breathable and keeps you cool. Inside there are pockets and a special iPod port with cable routing. This is the best bit of clothing I have bought - kept me warm when we stopped and cool when we rode - simply brilliant - and on sale at the moment in Evans!

The Gore Wear jacket is a simple black gortex jacket - it folds up small and is totally wind and rain proof. Its breathability allows you to wear it on a long ride without having to stop and take it off/put it on all the time. Also on sale at the moment :)

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