Monday, October 06, 2008

Apple TV 2.2 Update

We got Apple's 2.2 Update for the ATV. One of the new improvements is a standby option (at last). With the ATV in standby I am wondering if I'll need to turn the central heating up to compensate for the lack of heat it usually irradiates :)

UPDATE: actually, even when on standby mode it still acts as a small space-heater. The thing is incredible - how it does not spontaneously combust I do not know!


Chris Sturmer said...

Glad to hear your Apple TV is ridiculously hot too Rich, I thought mine was broken! I use it to warm up cups of tea that have gone cold sometimes! Lol

rakh1 said...

Mine got so hot that it fried the first one I had. Seems even hotter if you run the image screensaver!