Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Nearly fell over laughing this morning - I *do* hope this is the last time the lovely village people pick on me for my celebrated parking skills :)

Parking sensors not looking so silly afterall eh??? eh!??


who's the daddy? said...

it was dark, it was late, it was cold
and one of the opther freakin' village people had boxed me in when I left so shoe-horning it back in was a bit of a job and not one I relished when I got back from my good citizen church fundraising committee meeting kast night......well that's my lame-ass excuse anyway :)

Look no hands! said...

My Merc could've done it :)

who's the daddy? said...

touché Mr H touché

Al said...

Brillinat parking S. I would have blamed the wife. NB the Merc could only have coped if there was a car length plus 1.3m extra space. By the looks of things that is questionable! It is also interesting to note that the Merc could have done it - but with the computer in control and not R... ;)