Thursday, November 20, 2008


I'm in Italy this week learning about one of Tera's new products for web-publishing. Had a long day yesterday (flight was from Gatwick so I woke up at 05:30) so thought I'd go for a beer to relax in the evening. Had not planned anywhere - just left the hotel and started walking - it's Milan, right, must be bars everywhere. So, nearly 2 hours later I have still not found one - not so bad but I am dragging one of the Croatians around with me - luckily he thinks it is funny. In the end we get a taxi to the Duomo area and try our luck there. After 5 mins I ask someone local for directions - they send me to the only English pub in Milan!!! We watch football (England vs. Germany) and drink Guinness... typical! The Tuborg was from dinner - pizza - yummy :)

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