Friday, December 05, 2008

Broken Brakes

My bike has been ill for the last two runs - the rear brakes are making all sorts of noises and being very snatchy on application. Last night it got too much and J and I stopped to investigate. In the light of a local pub car park we figured two things. Firstly, the brakes didn't look right and secondly that we had no idea how to take them apart. I limped home.

Once home, and with internet at hand, I disassembled the brakes and upon doing so spotted the culprit. One of the pads has had its friction material sheered off and the separation clip has been torn apart. So, I have been running metal on metal for 10 miles or so with the occasional bit of spring material getting twisted into the disk too. Not good. I am off sourcing replacements at lunch time.

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