Friday, December 19, 2008

Lucky K

K left for India today :( I dropped her and M off at LHR T5 and waved goodbye. About 30 mins later she called me. BA had had a problem with the aircraft and as such had to use a different flight. Only problem was that this flight was 50 seats short and K&M were both without a seat :(

Then she starts laughing.... Turns out BA had arranged for her to take another flight to Dubai, then on to Hyderabad. To compensate her they sent her Premium Economy for the first leg and then Emirates for the second. They were also given a £500 refund! In then end they'll be 4 hours late even though they leave an hour early. But seeing as they had 9 hours to kill anyway before the connecting light to Goa this is far from a problem. I am betting the £500 is spent in Dubai's airport :)

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