Saturday, January 17, 2009

Unlucky.... or lucky?

I switched my Xbox360 on tonight and was just starting to play a game when it froze - never done that before. I restarted it and then I saw the red ring of death! I've heard so much about this but could not believe that it had happened to me. I was gonna wait until Mon but I got my laptop and did some research - luckily MS offer a 3 year warranty against this and so I signed up and they confirmed my eligibility for it - sorted.

It was then that I wondered just how old my 360 was? I searched my old blog (original post linked in title) and found that it was purchased on Jan 17th 2006 - WHAT!!! That is EXACTLY 3 years ago! If I had even waited until tomorrow morning to register the fault I would have been out of warranty! WOW!

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