Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Just for Men?

So, it's official - my first white hair is here! K has been pointing this out for some time but I've not really noticed it - you see, I am used to white hairs - when I was born my head was cut a bit and from the scars I get all sorts of colours - including pure white.

However, there is no excuse for this one - it is growing from a patch of perfect scalp!

So, what does this mean - am I now a mature adult - have I grown up - should I take more interest in my pensions??? Questions questions questions.... Personally, I am not too fussed - besides, I've always fancied having a full head of pure white hair - it would match my mountain bike :)

UPDATE: K says I have to get rid of it :(

1 comment:

pao said...

One! Blimey wish I had only the one white hair.