Thursday, March 05, 2009

Roadrage - Chased by an Audi

I was on my way home from the office yesterday evening when I was the subject of some incredible road rage! I was nearly home, just coming off the motorway. I was in the outside lane. I overtook a lorry and started to indicate into lane 1 and then to the slip road. As I moved to lane 1 a silver Audi estate came bombing up the inside having undertaken the lorry into the slip lane. I took avoiding action and narrowly missed him. So, I sounded my horn and flashed my lights. We both left the slip road and stopped at the entrance to the roundabout of Junction 7. At this point he wound his window down and started shouting and swearing. I shouted back and then proceeded onto the A602 leaving him behind (he was too busy shouting to notice the gap in the traffic).

The next thing I know I see him carving through traffic behind me along the A602 - driving like an idiot. He overtakes me before the roundabout leading down onto the B197. At this point he slams on his brakes at the exit from the roundabout stopping me and several other cars - this is now the second time I have had to take avoiding action to stop hitting him. He waits for a bit and then heads off again - I follow at some distance. At the bottom of the road on the London Road roundabout he stops again - so do I. This time he puts the car in reverse and comes for me. I scoot round his outside and leave him at the roundabout - this is getting a bit weird. He takes up pursuit again - roaring past me up Stevenage Road before slamming on his brakes again (but not stopping). I let him head into Knebworth before turning off and loosing him.

It was certainly an interesting experience - I can only presume he had a very bad day and my sounding the horn after his undertake threw him over the edge. Still, I've never witnessed road rage this bad ever before! I only wish I had remembered his number plate in order to report him.

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