Saturday, April 24, 2010


We're in - well, we turned up on Mon but the internet only came today.  It has been an exhausting week.  The house was far from perfect when we turned up - we've filled a skip with left over rubbish and spent 4 days straight cleaning!!!  The cigarette ash, tar and general grime on just about everything had to be seen to be believed.  I took 5 aierials, and empty water tank and 6 bags of loose rubbish out of the attic yesterday not to mention the numerous bits of glass, brick and sludge from the gardens.  To top it off the drains blocked on Wed with one being beyond repair and the toilet is leaking.  HUFF.  Good news is that we finished one of the bedrooms, the kitchen is usable and I have my own server room under the stairs :)  I have lots of photos but no easy way to upload atm so they'll come later....

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