Thursday, May 27, 2010

Singapore - Day 3

My third day in Singapore started with breakfast in the hotel.  Work was fairly busy culminating in a 3 hour QA meetings to discuss their processes.  Lunch was spent in a restaurant that hosted many smaller food suppliers.  I chose to eat a chili and ginger chicken with rice dish from the aptly named 'economical rice' store.  It was lovely - right up to the point where I ate one of the chilis - crikey - they were hot.  So, for the first time in Singapore it was not the heat and humidity making me perspire!  Work finished around 19:00 and I returned to the hotel to change and get ready for the evening.  Whilst there I was captivated by the massive thunder storm crossing the north of the island.  The lightning was fantastic - mostly air-to-air in great sky-filling forks and occasionally crashing down to the ground in massive, bright-orange streaks.  It turns out that this is very hard to photograph!  I then spent a very entertaining evening with the manager of the Singapore office at a wonderful Chinese restaurant where we dined on crab and I ate my first every bird's nest - for real!

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