Thursday, August 12, 2010

WHS Backup Error

I've been having some problems this week with my Home Server - every time I try to back up one of my machines it returns an error saying that a file is in use.  I tracked this back to server error logs complaining of an IO error.  Chkdsk returned nothing - but when trying to open the names file I got errors.  So, it seems like a corrupted DAT file - problem is that these particular files are not mirrored or backed up.  In the end I worked around it by removing the backup config for that machine, and then reinstalling the home connector software.  A bit of a worry though if an old backup corrupts - there is no way I can see to recover it.

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MP said...

We had the same problem in the office, was very annoying. Eventually, one of the disks on WHS died and we had to rebuild the server itself (luckily we've been able to recover all the data).

Dodgy sw, this WHS... :-)