Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Insomnia 2012

Here we are again... through shear fluke none of us have died in the last 3 years of doing this, so we'd thought we'd give the Grim Reaper another shot!

Our merry team of 4 will be braving the cold, the dark, and the trails of Bedgebury for a 12-hour 20:00-08:00 night endurance mountain-bike race in October! Yes, freezing cold, pitch-black October. It starts on Sat 20th and ends on Sun 21st. Let's hope the tea shop is open all night again!

The team:

Richie-Rich: Gadget mad, his ultralight bike is no longer ultralight due to the tech he has strapped on. Most likley to run out of batteries.

Josephene: Tea and cake mascot for the night - is always found with a cuppa in hand. Most likely to fall off.

PeaceS: Breaks Landrovers for fun, has yet to break his bike - will this be a first? Most likley to be found sleeping halfway through.

Jasathalon: Will be doing this for a brief warm-up to his usual exercise routine. Makes Lance Armstrong look a bit lazy. Most likely to finish!

 Donate here:

BOO - the organisers have cancelled due to lack of interest.  Will have to do something else...

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