Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Weekend

What a great weekend. It was actually sunny on Sunday. K and I took the top off her car and drove to the Robin Hood for lunch with some friends - very nice indeed. Only regret was that it was too cold for a BBQ in the evening :) On a side note - just picked up the new Amy MacDonald albumn (This is the Life) - check it out - it's pretty good.

Monday, March 24, 2008

UKC (aka Kent)

K, L and I went back to Uni yesterday. It is most odd driving and walking around the places you used to know so well. We spent far too much in the campus shop buying Kent Uni (yes, UKC has been re-branded to Kent Uni) tops (and pants in K's case!). We then ate in town before heading back home to watch the latest Terry Pratchet on tv. Fun day - more pics in link in title.


Woke up on Sun morning and there was a white Xmas outside! It had been snowing on and off all weekend but until now had not settled. Unfortunately it only lasted for a few hours and was quite wet so not that fun. Rasmus - who has never seen snow before - was not quite sure about it but was still outside investigating.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm ill :(

Thanks M - I caught his cold whilst working the weekend and I am now feeling very miserable. Eyes and throat dry, nose blocked and head pounding... And I am going to be feeling even more sorry for myself when K gets it just in time for the long weekend. huff...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


There is, of course, the easy option for replacing my car - buy another MINI. This time a new new MINI rather than my current old new MINI. Only problem is that the base spec has gone up by over £1,000 making option choices a little tricky.


With the new new MINI being a lot more expensive than the old new MINI I am having to look elsewhere for my next company car. One that seems to have potential (well, more than the Fiat 500's) is the Mercedes A class. I can get it with nearly everything other than SatNav for my budget and it looks quite nice in black. Best of all it is very quiet on the motorways.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Went for a fantastic Indian last night. The staff were all dressed up, there were Bollywood films being screened in the background and the food was simply excellent. If you are ever in Derby I'd reccomend it!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fiat 500

So, I test drove the Fiat 500 today. I got my hands on a 1.4 (100bhp) Sport in Red with the 16" wheels. It is a fun car for sure but there are a couple of problems with it. Firstly the steering wheel does not adjust for reach so I end up sitting far too close to the pedals as usual. Secondly there is noticable lag on the throttle - even with the sport mode on. Other than that it handled the motorway just fine and was fun to chuck around the back roads. I liked the styling, it certinaly does not feel as Fiat as I remember Fiats feeling (in a good way) and the controls were weighted nicely. I was not so keen on the lack of lack of arm rest, cruise control and sat-nav. Think I need to go drive the new MINI again soon...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

House off the market

Well, we tried. The house we were after did not work out and to be frank there is and has been nothing else on the market that has even come close to being what we would like. So, withouth futher adoo we have taken our house off the market...guess we'll be here a little longer :)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Duxford I went to Duxford yesterday to help S out.  I was a science/tech ambassador - which meant I had to chat to teachers about what I do and how their science classes might relate to it.  Nice lunch, great views and a home DNA kit as a thank you present :)