Monday, March 30, 2009

Kitchen Lights

We got some new kitchen lights this weekend - much more in keeping with the rest of the house than the ultra-modern wiggles we had before (now on ebay). They have 6 40W bulbs each which gives a much less harsh and focused light. Most importantly K loves them :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Cat in the bin

Max has taken to sleeping (all day) in my study as I work. I think it is because Rasmus hasn't figured out the aluminium ladder yet. Anyway, I took this pic the other day when I found him buried under waste paper in his favourite spot in my bin!

Windows7 (7057)

I spent most of last night putting Windows7 on my Vaio P. It is very stable, has got all the drivers and seems to be better than Vista in terms of snappiness and video playback.

Update: after a week of using it is clear that this is beta. In general it worked very well - faster than Vista and with some very nice new usability tweaks. However, with video it was flaky and after several BSODs I have reverted to Vista again. I can't wait for the final release though!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

IE8 is out

So, IE8 has been released and I have just downloaded it. The difference on this netbook between it and 7 is dramatic _ mush smoother and more responsive! I was getting crashes on my main machine with the beta - so we'll see if the full release fixes it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vaio - it's here!

I took delivery just now - it is SOOOO tiny. Looks very good in white too! More later this evening once I have played with it some more :)

Update: well, it took 2 hours to burn the recovery DVDs, but once done I could start my work. I uninstalled all the bloatware that came with it, reduced the number of Vista programs installed, reduced a lot of the special effects and threw out all of the google desktop type things. The result is a perfectly usable system with over 2 hours on a charge. I'm using Live Mesh to sync it with my other machines and Live Mail to get hotmail/gmail. So far I am very impressed...


In order to allow me to Hax0r my new Sony I need an external DVD. This one came recommended as it is slim and powered only though the USB so no mains cables to worry about.

3rd Time Lucky

After a horrendous day with my Oakleys I took some advice and bought some new shoes. I went to Evans and tried on Shimanoes, Specialzed, Northwave and Mavics. In the end the Northwaves were the most comfortable. So, I ordered a set of SBS Carbons in black. Out of stock atm but should be with me in a week or two. Hopefully this will stop me nearly breaking my ankles!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bedgebury MBK

J, A and I met C and A in Bedgebury (Kent) on Sunday for some MBK action. It was quite a drive there but you get a whole load of red run graded MBK trails. Weather was perfect and the ground a good combination of wet and dry. I managed to fall off several times (I think my shoes are to blame) and at one point face planted direct into a muddy puddle - pics in title.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sony Netbook - VGN-P11Z

Oh dear, this morning in LHR airport I spotted one of these - link in title. It is a fully fledged Vista machine (2GB Ram, 1.33GHz CPU) with an astonishing 1600x1024 screen.... The only reason I am not writing to you from one now is that they only had the green one in stock and I want the white version. The guys in Aberdeen airport say they'll sort me out with a home delivery on Friday if I still want one...

Update: got one coming mid-week ;)

Monday, March 09, 2009


I used my mobile with Google Latitude when in Sweden to put a location pin against my profile. I was using GPS (so it should have been accurate) but it decided I was somewhat more East than I thought....


K and I went home to Sweden this weekend. It was only a short visit but good nevertheless. We did quite a lot of shopping, drunk quite a lot of coffee and had real Semla. It even snowed - but it did not settle. More pics in title link...

Friday, March 06, 2009

Lizard Skin

The frame protector I ordered yesterday arrived a while back. 2 min job to fit - hopefully it'll stop me rubbing more paint off the frame when I ride. Plus - I like the look of it :)

Awesome you-tube remix - watch!

If you have 5 mins and sound - then watch this - :)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Roadrage - Chased by an Audi

I was on my way home from the office yesterday evening when I was the subject of some incredible road rage! I was nearly home, just coming off the motorway. I was in the outside lane. I overtook a lorry and started to indicate into lane 1 and then to the slip road. As I moved to lane 1 a silver Audi estate came bombing up the inside having undertaken the lorry into the slip lane. I took avoiding action and narrowly missed him. So, I sounded my horn and flashed my lights. We both left the slip road and stopped at the entrance to the roundabout of Junction 7. At this point he wound his window down and started shouting and swearing. I shouted back and then proceeded onto the A602 leaving him behind (he was too busy shouting to notice the gap in the traffic).

The next thing I know I see him carving through traffic behind me along the A602 - driving like an idiot. He overtakes me before the roundabout leading down onto the B197. At this point he slams on his brakes at the exit from the roundabout stopping me and several other cars - this is now the second time I have had to take avoiding action to stop hitting him. He waits for a bit and then heads off again - I follow at some distance. At the bottom of the road on the London Road roundabout he stops again - so do I. This time he puts the car in reverse and comes for me. I scoot round his outside and leave him at the roundabout - this is getting a bit weird. He takes up pursuit again - roaring past me up Stevenage Road before slamming on his brakes again (but not stopping). I let him head into Knebworth before turning off and loosing him.

It was certainly an interesting experience - I can only presume he had a very bad day and my sounding the horn after his undertake threw him over the edge. Still, I've never witnessed road rage this bad ever before! I only wish I had remembered his number plate in order to report him.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Just for Men?

So, it's official - my first white hair is here! K has been pointing this out for some time but I've not really noticed it - you see, I am used to white hairs - when I was born my head was cut a bit and from the scars I get all sorts of colours - including pure white.

However, there is no excuse for this one - it is growing from a patch of perfect scalp!

So, what does this mean - am I now a mature adult - have I grown up - should I take more interest in my pensions??? Questions questions questions.... Personally, I am not too fussed - besides, I've always fancied having a full head of pure white hair - it would match my mountain bike :)

UPDATE: K says I have to get rid of it :(

Monday, March 02, 2009

New pedals are good!

Went out for a mid-sized MBK on Sun. Two things to note - firstly the new pedals are very good. They feel more comfortable than the Smarties and give a much more positive engagement. Secondly (maybe linked to the the first part) I made it up the steep hill bit alongside the railway - previously only managed by Stu. SWEET!