Sunday, September 23, 2012

Singapore F1

It was by absolute chance and sheer good luck that I  found myself on a flight to Singapore last Friday.  Thanks to MB and MU I have just finished a weekend of F1 at Singapore.  It was great - even Katie Perry couldn't spoil it.  Just a shame Lewis' gearbox gave up half way through...



Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New YouTube Vids

I've put some new vids up on youtube - specifically of some MBKing in North Yorkshire and some underwater ones from Greece.  They are all here:

Insomnia 2012

Here we are again... through shear fluke none of us have died in the last 3 years of doing this, so we'd thought we'd give the Grim Reaper another shot!

Our merry team of 4 will be braving the cold, the dark, and the trails of Bedgebury for a 12-hour 20:00-08:00 night endurance mountain-bike race in October! Yes, freezing cold, pitch-black October. It starts on Sat 20th and ends on Sun 21st. Let's hope the tea shop is open all night again!

The team:

Richie-Rich: Gadget mad, his ultralight bike is no longer ultralight due to the tech he has strapped on. Most likley to run out of batteries.

Josephene: Tea and cake mascot for the night - is always found with a cuppa in hand. Most likely to fall off.

PeaceS: Breaks Landrovers for fun, has yet to break his bike - will this be a first? Most likley to be found sleeping halfway through.

Jasathalon: Will be doing this for a brief warm-up to his usual exercise routine. Makes Lance Armstrong look a bit lazy. Most likely to finish!

 Donate here:

BOO - the organisers have cancelled due to lack of interest.  Will have to do something else...

Monday, September 10, 2012

MBK North York Moors

Had a great weekend up North with the boys. Lots of biking around trails and the moors. Highlights were MASSIVE descents and when the Landy blew its prop shaft on the way back! Exhausted :)

More pics here:

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Sailing in Greece

Just back from a 2 week sailing holiday in the Ionian islands of Greece. Week one was full on sailing, week 2 was in a villa in Sivota (Lefkada island). Lots of sun, very hot (40C in shade) but plenty of cold beer :) More photos here in this link...