Thursday, June 07, 2007

Computer games...

It is not usual for me to play computer games. I mean, sure, I have the occasional fling when something good like GSR3 came out - but as my friends know I tend to buy a consol for a game, play it and that's it.

And so, it has been an unusual week. To start I bought a PSP (for the F1 game) but then also bought Myst and Ace Combat X too. Things got weirder when I got a Wii over the weekend. The final straw is that Forza2 comes out tomorrow for the Xbox360 (my pre-order from months ago turned up this morning).

It appears that I find myself surrounded by entertainment, and have an unusual dilema. There is not enough time to give each new game its due attention. Luckily I have tomorrow off in lieu - I think I might have square eyes by the end of the day :)

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