Wednesday, April 02, 2008

MINI Update and 0 miles :)

IMAGE_067MINI released a new firmware update for their sat-nav just the other day.  Now version 10.  Took all of 3 minutes to load.  It is meant to be faster and more stable.  However, I have not noticed any real differences other than it tried to take me a different way home the other night... 

IMAGE_065Whilst on the subject of my MINI - I managed to finally get the fuel counter to report 0 miles left :)  Luckily (and rather by coincidence) this happened whilst pulling into a petrol station - I know, hard to believe but K was there and she'll vouch for me.


Anonymous said...


Beat my 2 miles, except I was lost in France, which is worth something.


Al said...

Count your blessings, try long distance on a motorbike with no petrol gauge... got it wrong on more than one occasion!