Sunday, August 24, 2008

Marin Mount Vision 2008

OK - so I did. Marin Mount Vision 2008 - along with some Oakley SPD shoes. I picked up my new bike on Fri afternoon in time for its first run on Sat morning. I got some lights and a computer in the post in the morning ready to be fitted before the outing. We did about 16 miles, mainly off-road and it was great. The bike is fantastic. Only problem was me being an idiot - I tried to pop a wheelie and (used to my old bike's weight) I went straight over the back. I panicked trying to unclip my shoes and forgot to tap the rear brake. So, I landed (still clipped in) on my back, on the road. It hurts! A did better later on though - he mistimed a jump and landed on his head!!! We thought he was properly hurt but he rubbed it off and seemed fine. I have since ordered a first aid kit to go in my bag :)

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