Monday, August 25, 2008

Night Riding

Went on my first night-ride this evening. S, R and I set off around 20:15 and by the time we got to the woods it was pretty dark. My Cateye EL520 worked pretty well but I think I need another to give me a better spread. Everything is different riding in the dark - roots appear from nowhere and you get no warning of dips in the trail - great fun though. For the first time this weekend I didn't fall off either - the clips are starting to wear in at last.

So, after 3 days of Marin ownership I am pretty happy. The bike is perfect. We did the big ride on Sat (details in post below), a smaller one on Sun just to loosen sore muscles (I fell off on this one again) and then the night-ride this evening - total distance around 25 miles or so. Only injuries are a very bruised back, a twisted ankle, two sprained wrists, several small bruises on my arms and legs and multiple nettle stings :)

I also managed to eBay my old bike which was collected this morning leaving me some room in the shed where I have installed a fairly large lock to anchor the bike for insurance reasons.

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