Saturday, August 16, 2008

Smart Fix

Today I finally got round to fixing a couple of niggles with K's car. Firstly I had to get underneath to change the airflow direction of her chargecooler fan. With the car being so low I had to drive it half on the curb just to get a jack underneath it. Now the fan is reversed it runs more quietly and should be more efficient. Apparently a lot of cars had the fan wired incorrectly from the factory.

Secondly I wanted to relocate the iPod connector from near the handbrake to somewhere in the dash. This took a LOT more work than I was expecting (pic). In then end after much investigation, some soldering and nearly all of the lower dash removed (more than is in this pic actually) I got it to where I wanted. It now sits concealed in the ashtray. K was too scared to come look until I had finished :)

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