Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Egypt (1) - We won't need jumpers!

It can get cold in the evenings in the desert... so we packed a couple of warm tops just in case. M dropped us off at LHR (thanks) and after K's bag was searched for explosives we made our way to do some shopping. I bought a waterproof digital camera, K bought some perfume (no stereotypical behaviour there then). In the bar I was standing behind a man waiting for drinks, we got chatting and it turns out that K had chosen a table next to his (new) wife. We chatted some more and then realised we were both on the same flight to Luxor with Kuoni - bizzare!

Our flight was on time and we landed in Luxor late evening on the Monday with one of the smoothest landing I have ever experienced. We already had our visas so were waved through security. It was hot - very hot. Our bags were taken to the bus where we were swamped with baggage handlers wanting tips (we would learn to get used to this). We drove through Luxor dropping other at various hotels before getting to our boat south of the town. The M/S Darakum was impressive. The cabins were fantastic and the whole boat had a art-deco style to it. Our guide for the week (aptly named Mr. Marco) came and introduced himself and explained the 06:00 start for the next morning! We then unpacked and headed to the top deck for a G&T before bed. Turns out the jumpers would not be needed - at 00:30 the temperature was still in the high 30s and it was far from chilly. Even K was warm!

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