Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Egypt (10) - Wedding Anniversary.

Today is our wedding anniversary - 4 years and no one is dead yet - impressive. Nearly as impressive as our hotel. This place is BIG. We spent the morning on the beach - I got some use from my underwater camera. At 12 we went to meet the Kuoni rep - a nice chap full of information. He suggested where to go for lobster later that night. On the way back to the beach I noticed the water slide. Water slide, waterproof camera that does video.... well, that was me sorted for the next hour. K went to the beach. In the afternoon we swam, ate and drank. In the evening we went to Naama Bay to eat lobster.

Saf Safa was a small restaurant but had come recommended - just across from the Hard Rock Cafe. The lobster was fresh and the jumbo prawns were JUMBO. We had 3 power cuts during the meal, each time the lights would die, 30 seconds later Japanese girls would scream as the exhaust from the generator near their table belched black smoke as it started - it was just as funny to watch each time. After the meal we walked around before finding the Camel Bar on one of the rooftops. We grabbed a cold beer and watched the world go by. A short taxi ride later we were back at the hotel before getting a late night cocktail each before bed. A lovely day.

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