Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Egypt (14) - Heading home...

We awoke late - the transfer to the airport was not until 13:30. Breakfast was dispatched and we spent the morning lazing by the pool finishing our books. The drive to the airport was fun - the driver kept stopping so I could take photos. We checked in (only 800g overweight) and waited for the flight over a MacDonald's :)

We had really enjoyed Egypt - the first week was astounding, the best holiday ever. The M/S Darakum was more than we had hoped for - I wish we could have stayed longer. Sharm was perfect to relax in and we think we'll go again. Cairo was just another big city and now we have done the Pyramids and the museum I am not sure we'll return. We made a load of new friends and saw more temples and statues that we could have imagined. We never felt worried for our safety and only had occasional moments of aggravation with the locals. Neither K or I succumbed to stomach problems until the very last day when K felt a little odd - we put this down to constantly using the anti-bacterial hand gels after touching any money or before eating or drinking. Overall it was brilliant - I'd recommend it to anyone!


Greystoke said...

Great blog. Off to Egypt as first timers end August (with Kuoni to Cairo and MS Darakum). Very informative and entertaining. I'm very excited by the trip, hubby a bit apprehensive. You've done a lot to ease our minds and answer a lot of questions we had. Glad you had such a great trip!

H said...

Yes, great blog. I have never considered blogs to be much but for stuff like this, its great.

With the Darakum being a new boat, there is very little info on the net. Your info is most useful.

We are going on Darakum on Monday 1st Sept, to Cairo on the 8th and back to Luxor on the 11th.