Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Egypt (9) - What, no guide?!

We took a mid morning bus into Luxor today in search of something to do until our late night flight. We had no guide today so had to figure it out ourselves. We headed first to the Luxor museum where we found, amongst other things, our first mummies. From the museum we headed to the various markets. In one bazaar we stopped to look at some clothes and before you know it were surrounded by air-con and being treated like family - until we haggled on the price. The chap had clearly got Egyptian and English pounds mixed up - we left. Another street took us into the souks. We made it, unknowingly, into the locals' one first. It was full of fish, onions, spices, clothing - an array of wares. No one hassled us even though we were clearly the only foreigners there. After some time we crossed a street to what was obviously the tourist end and before you know it everyone was my friend, wanting to know where I was from and if I would like special prices! We left.

We took lunch in the Winter Palace - a very nice hotel in the middle of Luxor. Here we sipped a cold beer and ate pizza whilst waiting for our ferry boat to take us back to out hotel. The ride back was nice and relaxing - our hotel being the only one offering it. Once back we wasted the last hour or so in the bar overlooking the Nile before picking up our transfer to the airport.

The flight was late, about 30 mins and short (about 30 mins). As such we were landing in Sharm el Sheik before we knew it. Sharm was completely different from Luxor - very loud, bright and tourist oriented. Our hotel was a 30 min drive from the airport and we made our room around midnight. The room was huge and just up from the beach. The hotel resort (Hyatt Regency) was even bigger, we were taken to our room by golf cart. We ordered some room service and went to sleep.

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